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Welcome to Augusta Little League!

Augusta Little League is proudly chartered to serve the following towns: Augusta, Belgrade, Chelsea, Manchester, Mt. Vernon, Readfield, Sidney, Wayne and Winthrop.

A letter from our Board President, Mike Karagiannes:
Welcome to Augusta Little League!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mike Karagiannes, the president of Augusta Little League. I decided to run for the position because of my passion for the game of baseball and my commitment to this area’s youth.   I would also like to thank all of you who have trusted us and been patient with us as we make changes to the way we do things. I can guarantee you that the Board is committed to providing the best possible experience for everyone. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to volunteer last season. Whether you coached, served on the board, showed up to a field day, worked in the concession stand or helped in other ways, thank you.

I’m writing this not only as an introduction but to stimulate a conversation between us, the board, and you. It is important to understand that Augusta Little League is a 100% volunteer run organization. Without volunteers this organization would fail. My first request is we need to hear from you as to what we are doing well and how we can make improvements. I am requesting that you please take the time to send us your thoughts and ideas. Examples of things we need to hear about are how we can make volunteering easier, what do you and your kids enjoy about the league and what things you would like to see improved. My second request is that we keep an open and respectful line of communication between the board, coaches and the families. 

My goals as President of Augusta Little League:

Continue the good work that has been done. Making Augusta Little League facilities one of very best youth baseball complexes in Maine. Towards this goal, we have upgraded the drainage by the T-ball and Rivelli fields and added several trees to provide shade and a more visually pleasing environment. We placed the block house at Rivelli Field. It is also my goal to make several other improvements to the complex as funds become available, replacing the dugouts and purchasing a new scoreboard to replace the nonfunctioning one at Rivelli. With that in mind please check out our Capital Campaign Drive and see how you can help. Please reach out to friends, family and employers to see if they may be interested in helping with the campaign. No donation is too small.

Like my predecessor,
I would like to increase access to area youth. Over the past two years we have seen a slight increase in the number of kids playing Little League Baseball. I would like to continue that trend.

Teach sound baseball fundamentals and good citizenship. We want this to be fun, but we also want this to be a learning experience. It isn’t about going to the field and just playing. It is about learning. Practices and games are a classroom. Not just learning how to play baseball but how to act while playing baseball, which we hope translates to off the field as well. Being a good sportsman and a good citizen is as, if not more, important as being a good ball player.

Improve the league and the experience. After several years of coaching and being on the Board I have several ideas on how we can make this a better experience for all involved. For T-ball, I would like to consolidate the team’s practices and games to allow for a more interactive experience while working on basics.  For A and AA, I would like to recruit enough coaches so the teams will be smaller providing a better learning environment for players, coaches and families. At the minors and majors level I would like to continue what we have been doing which seems to be working. I will also make available for players and coaches more training opportunities, before and during the season.

Improve communications with parents and volunteers. For this league to be successful one of the most important things is to have an open and blame free line of communication. I will do my best to be available to hear your input and answer any question you have. I will expect the same from my board members, managers and coaches. If we fail at times, let us know; we will strive to do better. If we succeed by all means let us know. Remember, communication is a two-way street.  We will keep our website and Facebook page up to date. Please check them regularly. 

Increase the number of volunteers in the league. As I stated earlier, this organization is 100% volunteer driven. We can only thrive with the help of volunteers. Don’t be afraid to volunteer.  It’s amazing how many times I have heard from people that they are afraid to help.
          People who worked concessions for the first time found it to be a lot easier than they thought. Not to mention it might even be a little fun. (Well maybe not the cleaning part.)
          Coaching is another area we need help. Little League offers many tools to help you learn good coaching techniques.  I also recommend that you talk to other coaches for help. We have an excellent group of coaches but we can always use more. If you don’t feel comfortable being the head coach, we can always use assistant coaches which is also a good way to learn the game and be ready to become a head coach in the future. I also commit to seeking out other opportunities, trainings and meetings, to help you develop into good coaches.
          Umpires, without them we have no majors or minors games. We have been very lucky as a league to have some of the best in the area. I would name them all but I would feel awful if I missed someone. We still need more people to help. As a coach, I can tell you that umpiring a couple of games gave me a totally different perspective of the game. I will be requesting that all coaches umpire at least one game this year.
          We need help on field maintenance, fix-up jobs, painting, mowing the lawn – don’t sit back and watch, jump in. Fundraising, concessions, picking up litter, working at Field Days, and helping with Tag Day – don’t be afraid step up to the challenge! 

Not too long ago, Augusta was one of the most respected baseball towns in Maine. By doing things the right way and having a strong group of volunteers we can return the Augusta Area to a position of fear and respect.

-Mike Karagiannes, President Augusta Little League

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